Friday, December 2, 2011

Life Lately... Fall 2011

Hi All,

It has been quite sometime since I have last posted and so I decided that I should probably update you on whats happening... So much has gone on. :)

Alright here it is, besides the drama with men... other exciting things have happened. Haha. First, I am not sure if I have told you this, but I went to my first professional baseball game! It was, of course, the Mariners.. and they were playing the Texas Rangers. It was a pretty good time and really exciting to see all of the big stadium.

I also got to go home to Colorado and St. George for a whole week! Haha. It was a long time coming and it didn't help that I pushed for time and missed my flight so I had to wait a whole extra day before I left, BUT I loved every minute I was there. I was so glad to run around the farm and get dirty and wear my cowgirl boots!!! It was so wonderful to see my family and friends and it just shows me how much love and support I have in  my life! I loved running around at the Corn Maze!!! I was so excited to see my grandparents and to be able to spend some time with them as well. I had a very hard time leaving and cried when I had to say goodbye, but I am so happy that I got the chance to see them and spend some time with them.

As soon as I got home, that is when the real excitement happened. That first week of me being home was quite the week,I slept over at Christinas house, which was amazing!!! Later, I got in a car wreck. Of course, no suprise to those who know me, it was partially my fault. Nice. Way to go Kaitlin... Haha. So then I had to call Cassie and ask her if I could drive her NEW car because I had just wrecked mine.. Haha. Gives her confidence huh? Luckily, nobody was hurt in the car wreck. Well, except my car. RIP MARY POPPINS! (I'll love you forever!) --- This same week I was blessed with good company.. I had been feeling pretty down, and I know that this was one of Heavenly Fathers blessings, because He sent me some great friends. First, the Elders in our ward came over and visited me. They were so nice and invited me to Gospel Study and told me that its a good place to come and learn more about the gospel. Then, I had Krista from our ward come over a few days after that, and she invited me to eat Sunday dinner with her and her room-mate Lindsey. I had a blast and the food was so good. I am now good friends with those two girls and the friendships keep growing!!! After that week, I decided that going to more church activities would help me in the friend zone because I still didn't have too many friends. I went to this service project, outside, in the rain, and I loved every minute of it. I got to meet and get to know so many more people in our ward and now I feel like people know who I am and that I am apart of the ward. FINALLY! I am so glad that I decided to choose the right, because things have been going good ever since! I have good friends and life hasn't been so draining.. haaha. Granted, not everything is wonderful and happy and joyous, but I am learning to be patient, think positive and always look on the bright side. :)

 The Holidays...
For Halloween, Cassie and I went to the roller rink with the YSA wards and we had a blast. I got tackled and totally taken out by BATWOMAN. Haha. SHE was a killer! She ruled the rink.. She was like an ultra crazy roller derby girl.... so intense! ANd then... Cassie had this guy hitting on her. Haha. He was pretty cool though.. I mean, besides the fact that he wouldn't leave her side. Hahaha.

Thanksgiving was pretty cool.. it didn't feel too much like Thanksgiving because of the lack of family, but we went to the Utterbacks (one of the bishopric members houses) and let me tell you something! They are fun!!! Brother Utterback happens to be my all time favorite now. Haha. He is great. SOOOO hilarious.. ha. Best. Ever. THEN we had to work Black Friday.. which actually wasn't too bad. I was exhausted after that weekend though, and I thought Cassie might die.. Haha. I feel like we are still trying to get back to our regular energy levels.. :)

Now, the current excitement, was when we attended a concert  on Wednesday that Cassie won FREE tickets to! It was pretty fun.. I feel like the excitment was more about the atmosphere than anything. We were in downtown Seattle at this old little Concert house and it was so cool. Wood floors, old chandaliers and velvet everything. Haha. I loved it. The music was okay and the crowd wasn't obnoxious, so it made for a good time. Unfortunately for me, my camera battery was dead. Sad. Sad Days.

And... speaking of camera's and pictures... I totally suck at life. Hahaha. I missed all the glorious opportune moments to take pictures of Seattle in the Fall. The leaves changed, and they were here, and then after Thanksgiving.. they were gone. They had all fallen to the ground. Done. BUT hopefully I will try and get some winter picts with all of the fog and the castover clouds. Mmmhmm. Nice. Winter. ... haha.

ONE MORE THING.. I would just like to give a shout out to all of those friends of mine who have been so nice to take me places and invite me to things and to make sure I am still okay. It means a lot. And a special thanks to Travis Merril who is my personal cab driver. Haha. :) And Cassie Emett who has patience with me and the current car-less predicament. Love you ALL.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not so "Fast and Furious"...

Alright kids, its been a good long while since I have posted but I think that this will be a good one. :)

Last night Cassie and I were invited to go to the movies with the Travster and Andrew. We of course said yes, because first of all we needed to get out and second they were paying. :) YESSSS! Haha. We were on our way to the movies to meet up with our strapping young gent pals when I took a wrong turn. And was it a crazy drive from there... We start going down this hill and I say, "Is this the right turn?!" and Cassie says, "I don't know.. I can't remember.". Oh and mind you.. we had only been to this movie theatre once before, at least two weeks earlier. Haha.. BUT I am a pretty logical gal and my common sense is average so I figured since we had to eventually go down a hill anyways we'd just keep going down this one until we found a stoplight. Well.. that was an interesting idea my common sense threw upon me. We get going and then all of a sudden we are driving down this steep, steep, steep hill with the tightest turns ever. I mean these turns were tighter than John Travolta's pants in the 70's. They were tight and sharp and steep. Hahaha. AND of course it had to be dark, which doesn't help the almost, nearly legally blind. Luckily, I had my "night goggles"on.. AKA my glasses... so the turns weren't too bad but it was still an adventure. We finally made it down and through this trecherous journey of sharp turns and turmoil and with my built in GPS we found our way around to the theatre... Haha. Once we made it we headed into the movie. FAST FIVE!!! It was ultra legit and I highly recommend it to anyone who was wanting to see it... :)

Once the awesome and action packed movie was over we ventured out to our cars. HA. Greatest thing of my life.. haha. Jk. So we arrive to the parking lot and guess the freak what?!?!?! FLAT TIRE on my car.. woop-woop!!! Yeeehhhhhhhssssss... Haha. Just when I was planning to go all fast and furious on the way home, I have a flat. :) BUT luckily, Travis noticed it before we went on the road and since he is such a nice gent he volunteered to change it for me. We get out all the supplies and get going on it and then we can't get the stupid bolts out... I mean these things were ultra stuck.. LIKE out of control. Haha. So then we call Andrew's dad because apparently he is the man.. Which.. I will admit, right now he is the man. He saved my car. Haha. But he came at 12:30 AM and changes my tire to my spare and then he takes my flat, inspects it and tells me I drove over a nail. ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH... I think I know where I hit that beastly nail.. On the John Travolta turns... Ha. So then he is like.. Well I will fix it and then tomorrow come over to our place instead of getting a new tire, and we'll put this one back on your car. AAwww. Such a gent. All three of those guys. :) Sad thing is.. I never got to speed home like Paul Walker. MOstly because once you have a doughnut spare on your car you don't feel as BAD AAA and I was tired. Hahaha. BUT in the end I realized that I am so blessed to have such good friends and good people in my life. Thanks GENTS!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lemonade And White Chocolate...

     Alright kids.. New blog for some sweet and cheap entertainment... This one should be good. Two stories within a good idk.. about 12 hours of each other. (Give or take a couple hours...)


     Due to the lack of money around here, Cassie and I hadn't really been out for much of anything lately, but then last night Cassie decided to make us get out of our cave and reclusiveness and go to a movie. She had to beg me to go.. only because she was going terribly insane and I was being so ultra lazy, you could say I was being a sloth. So we get ready... it takes us a good 2 hours. Then we are on our way to the mall for a movie. We, of course, are late. So we decide to wait another hour or so for the next showing of Bad Teacher. (good movie..) We head down to the food court, grab us a bite of Thai food and then shop around until its time for the movie. We go back up and buy some drinks. Cassie gets lemonade and I got a water. We head into the movie watch a good hour of previews.. hahha. And then it begins... It was pretty hilarious but is probably not the best movie to watch. It could be offensive to many people.. haahaha.

     While watching the laughter provoking and slightly offensive film, my oh so thirsty and terribly impatient pal, Cassie, goes in for the dive of her Minute-maid Lemonade. It was in a bottle, screw cap lid. A familiar style of beverage storage.... Now, I was there sitting next to her, being a kind and attentive accomplice at the movie. She goes for the bottle in the cup holder, and with some negligence, she unscrews the cap and takes it off before getting the bottle out of the cup holder.. THEN in that brief moment of unsureness.. She grabs the bottle.. BUT to her sad and tragic dismay, the bottle didn't leave the cup holder. So... being an intelligent woman, she yanks on the bottle. It was only then, when my left leg felt a brisk chilling wetness strike it. Lemon scent... She had spilled the sticky serum of deliciousness all over my newly laundered denim jeans. It was a shocking and unfortunate event. We, of course, were overwhelmed with laughter and merriment at such an occurrence. And, to give some added affect, Have you ever seen the scene in the movie when someone is just innocently sitting there and then another person spills something either hot or cold on his/her lap?... And then the person jumps up out of their seat and looks at their trousers in total horror?! ..... yaaaaa. That happened to me. Exactly like the movies... it was terribly cold. And slightly sticky. Oh, and not to mention, we were only about half-way through the movie. So that was nice... Hahaha. We laughed continuously throughout the movie and long into the night... It was actually really funny. I was soaking wet, looked like I peed, the seat was wet and the lemonade bottle was lacking much of its lemonade.. haha. Cassie claims that the lack of more than half of her lemonade was the real tragedy.. however, I seem to have a good argument.

White Chocolate

     Let me set the scene for this one... Safeway, 4:00 pm. Prime shopping time for many people on a Saturday. Even the creepers.... So I am on my merry little way. Shopping for some extra food items that I wanted. My cart was pleasingly getting close to full. I just wanted 2 more things. Tortilla chips and some ranch dressing mix. :) haha. I head down the chip and candy aisle looking for some good ol' Tostitos tortilla chips. While standing there, deciding whether to go with the scoops or the restaurant style chips, 3 men start coming down the aisle looking for candy. Now, I am not a racist person by any means, BUT to get the full affect of the situation that was about to occur, they were black men. One of them was an older guy around his late 40's early 50's, and then the other two seemed young like 25 to 30 ish. While grabbing my glorious decision of the scoop style chips, they began to start saying, "Look for the white chocolate.. that's what we need. Some white chocolate..". I am not a dumb girl, though some may want to argue that... And so I knew exactly what they were trying to do. What I didn't know was that they would approach me on my way out of the aisle and ask me to help them. I am a nice gal, and I knew I could handle the situation in a classy and friendly style. Needless to say, the muttering about for the white chocolate turned into this comment. "You know girl, white chocolate like you...." Hahahaha. I laughed at the comment and then they began to ask if we were going out on a date this weekend and all this foolish nonsense so then I began to get a little scared because they were right up in my face.. Haha. That was when I told them I had plans. They asked if the plans were with a boy, I said yes and then they asked if he was "darker" than them. I said no, and then they were all in a tizzy about it. I began to walk away when the old creepy one with the gold teeth said.. "The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice... " ... Ugh. Ew. Gross.. Hahaha. I left really fast after that comment. BUT they were funny and quite nice, until the end where it began to get inappropriate. Hahaha. Getting hit on at the Safeway.... Nice. Oh and... one of them was totally creeching up on me.. he had been somewhat stalking me the whole time. I suppose now looking back at it, it could've been a bad and harassing experience.. BUT I was having too much fun talking to them that I hadn't even realized that it could've been an awkward and scary situation.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rainbow Is Not My Color... Nor Do I Support Such a Color...

***This blog post is not going to be the usual "HaHaHa" post. I simply just want to voice my opinion about the days activity today... Reader discretion is advised, however it won't be too vulgar. Just some things may not be pleasing to read. Haha.

      This morning I woke up excited to go to downtown to view and visit the Pride Parade. I can't decide if it was a good or bad decision. I mean now that I have experienced the scenery and the gay community it has made me form an opinion, however, I was tremendously disturbed at the vulgarity of it all. Completely changed my views on the gay population and I have lost nearly all of my respect for the gay people. I used to be very open to it. I thought that if thats what made them happy then who was I to tell them they couldn't be who they wanted to be.. I thought that if thats how they were then more power to them for being true to themselves. And I was totally okay with it, but that was before I saw how they act and how they have no actual respect for themselves.

     We got up, got ready, did the usual and then arrived to downtown around 12:30 pm. the parade had started at 11 and we figured that we'd either missed it or would catch the tail end of it. Were we wrong.. We must've hit the prime time of the parade... And at first, the people, the floats and the advertisers were not too bad. I mean, keep in mind that it was gay support but it was nothing that was deeply disturbing or even that vulgar... actually I dont think that our first 15-30 minutes of the parade was bad at all. It was completely what I had expected and I was totally into it. I was cheering and loving the parade.. just like I would any other parade. I thought that it was awesome that they were proud of themselves and that they were being who they truly were. I was wrong. Maybe those first few people during our 15-30 minutes were the classy and "normal" gays.. (for a lack of a better word). And then we got hungry so we went up to the food court and I was loving it. I thought it was totally awesome at how much support there was for the gays. Some people were dressed a bit scandalous and there was a lot of rainbows, but nothing that I wasn't somewhat prepared for and kind of expected. It was nice.

     After eating, we watched from the mall balcony for a while until I mentioned that we should go down and walk up the street and watch more of the parade. Two words.... Bad idea. We went traveling onward and to our dismay, the whole atmosphere of the free living, one love, accept us for who we are had completely changed.... It was awful. Vulgar, cheap and gross. I was repulsed by it. There were women who were quite "large" with nothing but cut-offs on and then they didn't wear a top.. just pasties. One girl looked like she was about 16 or 17 and she was, well, fat and blubbery...  she only had cut-offs on, with suspenders and then she had pasties on her boobs. Then her whole body was painted in rainbows and words and all of this "gay" stuff.. and she was dancing in the street showing her body off and being grutesquely freakish. It was absolutely horrid and I felt embarrased for her.. And I was embarrassed myself for the nasty and gross things that I was seeing.. Ugh. Awful. Worst. Ewww... Anyways.. That was just the beginning of our loss of respect for the gay population. They were indecent and lude. I'll spare you details, but because they were flaunting themselves in such an indecent and freakish way, I lost so much respect for them and I was terribley and deeply disturbed. I feel that this parade does nothing but degrade them and makes it worse for people to accept them as human beings... as "One Love".

    Now that you have heard my stories... Here is my opinion. I used to truly be open to gays... and some could say that I supported it. I often thought and said that if its what makes them happy and its what they want and who they are then hey... why not. They let me be me.. who am I to judge and tell them that they can't be who they are... BUT NOW.. I refuse to support gays and lesbians as equals when they dont act as equals.. When they chose to act as freaks and be lude and disgusting, I will choose to treat them as freaks that are, indeed, lude and disgusting. IF they want to be treated as equals and be loved and have this "One Love" theme stand for them... then they need to stand for themselves. Having class is not a bad thing and having confidence is not a bad thing. BUT when you act as a freak and act as though you can do whatever you want and be a nasty sex symbol of all that is NATURALLY wrong then my hell, I am going to treat you as such. When you decide to get a job, act classy and act as though you were a normal human being with regular responsibilites and feelings (besides of course being "gay") then I will treat you like a normal human being and I will support you in getting your rights. Until then, straighten up gays and lesbians.. FOR I refuse to support you and let you "be who you are" when who you are being is indecent, distasteful, vulgar, nasty, and completely repulsive.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baked Beans &&& Bus Rides...

     I know its been a good 4 or 5 days since my last post.. So I am hoping that this post will make you laugh...  :) haha.

     So I am writing for our adventures from this past Thursday and it was quite the adventure.. First we had interviews for our job and they went well. AND then we were just chilling around the mall being bored, when an epiphany of greatness came upon us.. DOWNTOWN SEATTLE!!! Of course... we had to follow our great epiphany and we headed to the bus station... and then it started to rain. So then all these people came and packed in this little covered bench area with us. We looked like a box of animal crackers because of all the different people that were in there... Haha. Speaking of animals... This man. Total creech, was hitting on us. Luckily, no words came from his lips... BUT his smile and head nods said it all. And just just just so you know... UGh... He was terribley disgusting. Not a good time for us... and we were relieved that he got another bus. After he left... our bus arrived, we got on and rode the long bus ride to the Westlake Station. Hooray!  We were finally here. Now... a little extra detail.. it was about 5 o'clock in the afternoon. We usually leave downtown at this time.. New adventure for us. Downtown in the evening..!!!

     As we were walking the streets, we decided to go look through all the little shops and just get more bearings and find new places of downtown that we have not discovered. It was a good time. Especially when we went in this one shop and the man that was trying to do some customer service on us was ridiculously high.. Haha. It was sooo funny. He was completely out of it.. and I loved it. So humorous. Welcome to Seattle. Hahaha. Well.. like most human beings.. when hunger strikes the body it is a gruesome feat to satisfy the growling monster that is inside you... unless you eat. :) Soo being hit by the hunger bug, we decide to take our bewildering circumstance to the Hard Rock Cafe in hopes of a successful cure to this so-called "hunger".... And boy, was it the cure... of course, when eating a meal.. something entertaining always seems to happen with us. Ha. So my long-time walking companion and bus riding bestie, Cassie, and I ordered our meal and then just basked in the glory of the Hard Rock Cafe with all of its Rock'N'Roll memorabilia. Then we finally got our food. Nice. And then as I was picking up one of those deliciously, salted and fried french fries... THERE IT WAS.. across the table from my plate, the small navy blue bowl.. Looking like a dipping sauce cup. Before placing the fry into my mouth, I went in for the dip of this magnificent sauce.. Oohhh Man. When I took a bite of that saucey fry, my mouth had an explosion of deliciousness come upon it. It was then, when my brilliance truly shined, that I said, "Cassie, this sauce is freaking good.. load up your sandwhich with it!" Of course... trusting my excitement and my tastebuds.. Cassie began pouring the sauce onto her shredded chicken meal. It was then.. in shock and a bit of terror, when she yelped "Oh sh*t!!! This is beans... haha. Its beans.. " I look at her, then look at the lumps in the sauce.. and to my tizzy... she was right. This wonderful and addicting sauce happened to be a side of baked beans... I was disappointed, but laughed because only with us would this happen. :) After filling ourselves with the goodness of the Hard Rock we decided to head home.. we didn't know that we would LITERALLY be holding on for our lives when we got on the bus...

     It was an uncomfortable ride, as most bus rides are. However...  our bus driver must really hate people because he was trying to kill everyone that stepped foot onto his bus. Haha. People would get on and he would shut the door and blaze off going so fast that people are flying down the aisle and holding on for dear life... We were sitting and we were being tossed and turned and thrown all around on this bus.Not to mention he was a greedy sucker.. As soon as a person entered the perilous journey the voice of an angered man would yell, "MONEY!!! MONEY... Put the MONEY in!!!"  Plus... while were flying around the bus from hell... it was silent.. ALL but one person was quiet.. And trust me. It was not a good thing. The piercing sound of her voice, made fingernails on chalkboard a melody... "No grandma loves you more.." "Grandma loves you more... " for like 20 minutes this was going on... We get it... YOU LOVE YOUR GRANDKID MORE!!!!!! Oiii Vey... I looked around to see who was screaching such words... AND Ahhh!!!! I looked upon this woman.. covered heavily in make-up, trying to look like she was 20... I almost cried.. to think that she had produced offspring was a nightmare!!! Ah! I am not trying to be mean.. but UGhhh... it was terrifying. Awful... Oh and don't worry about it.. she rode the bus all the way to our stop with us. Awful. Awful. Awful. I must say.. I am labeling this as the WORST bus ride ever.. and must name it "The Bus-ride From Hell.." ... I am glad we made it home alive. Haha. Yikes.

Monday, June 20, 2011

"Kendra Is Our Friend!!!"

     Soooo...... This is a story from a few days ago. Saturday to be exact... BUT due to the popularity of our quote "Kendra is our friend!", I have decided that this post will be dedicated to Kendra. Kendra is our friend from Sears. :) Here's the story.......

     Though we love our apartment, certain amenities, such as say BEDS, are missing..... and would make us love our apartment even more if we had them. After about a good 3 or 4 days of sleeping on the floor with air-mattresses and cushions we decided to take our first "self-driving" escapade to the Mall to find some good, comfortable beds. From previous midnight searches on our favorite search engine GOOGLE, we had interest and great confidence in Sears and their decent and reasonably priced mattress selection. So we headed straight to Sears, as soon as we were parked, in search of these magnificent mattresses!!! .... And after laying around on some mattresses... we decided to waste a good 30 minutes listening to a worthless presentation about knifes with the hopes of getting something free.. didn't happen. After a grueling amount of boredom, we turned and headed back to the mattresses. We were extremely tired after the obnoxious knife presentation and found ourselves laying on a very, very, very comfortable Sealy mattress.. (Did you know that they support whatever you do in bed... Classy logo Eh?!) Anyways.. after some time, a gal with glasses and long dark hair approached us in a Sears blue shirt and a nice pair of khaki's. YES! A Sears rep!!! We decided to get the mattress of our dreams and she of course helped us reach such a success!!! However, the process was a long and irritating one because we were trying to be big girls and get a Sears Card. Didn't work out. BUT KENDRA was phenomenal at customer service! She was very personable and stayed long after her shift to make sure she did everything she could to make us satisfied.. She was immensely friendly and did an awfully good job at making us feel like we were top priority!!! NOW... to get to the point of it all...... Once we were done, our bodies were tired and we were somewhat disoriented and so we went to Ben & Jerry's to pick up some ice cream. A good suitor for our troubling times. Hahahaha. While on this great adventure of hunger and sweet-tooth satisfaction we came to the conclusion that we should call her manager and let the manager know that Kendra was an exceptional associate. I made the call.... and to my surprise and sadly... to my dismay.. this manager turned out to be a wicked wrench, full of lies and deceit and was not happy at all with our call about Kendra!!! SO... after hanging up, I told my ice cream enthusiast and loyal mattress comrade Cassie about the absurdness of this head managers rude and vile behavior... Cassie, was in shock at my talk and we began saying... WELL lets just say... NOT nice things about this manager... It was then.. In my moment of passionate anger that I, Kaitlin, said... "Kendra is our friend!!!" in a small and almost childlike voice... Bahahaha. And then laughter from the both of us arose and the quote is now said quite often in remembrance of our lady-loving and rainbow child friend from Sears. Kendra Perkins.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

94th Ave... & Sunday School

     Hey guys.. SOOOO another misadventure with my compadre and loyal friend Cassie occured today.. We had been extremely excited for church all week long. --- Mostly because we were hoping to find some friends and a good selection of HOTT mormon men... But beside the point. Anyways.. I got the directions yesterday from our trusty friend and reliable resource.. MAPQUEST.. :) Yes.. And well being the intelligent and so intuitive gal that I am, I decided to not write down the directions nor read the directions.. BUt instead chose to look at the map and say.. "Okay I know where to go." Of course my simple intelligence proved me wrong this morning once again.. haha.

     We were traveling on our merry little way and I said I know its on 94th Ave. We.. as usual.. were going the opposite direction. So then we turn around and start heading toward 94th Ave.. {{{ Pre-story.... We thought we knew where OUR church building was because we had already found one LDS church building. }}} We were also headed the opposite direction of where we thought our church was. ... Then Lo and Behold.. the green street sign of 94th Ave beckons our call.. Of Course.. being a religious person.. I choose the "right" and tell her to take a right down 94th. We are driving and driving and driving.. to find nothing but dead ends and subdivisions... not what we are looking for. So then I mention.. "Well.. maybe it was a left on 94th instead of right.. All I know for sure is that it said 94th on the map." .. My compadre and classy driver Cassie informs me that the only things on the left side of 94th are business buildings. So then we head back up a long ways.. (A good 5 miles or so...) back to the church that we had previously visited earlier this week. ... And as it so happens.. that was not our church building.. the lady with the baby in the foyer threw us the hint. Family Ward. --- Definetly not singles ward.. hahaha. ... Well back in the car for us.. I told her to try 94th left this time.. And as my curiousity would prove.. there it was.. in all its gray and aged glory.. The singles ward building. We rejoiced that we had found it.. But realized that our scenic routes of driving led us to only being about 45 minutes late to Sacrament meeting... Nice. Haha. But we did make it to Sunday School and Relief Society.. However.. the population of attractive single Mormon men in our ward is on the decrease. Sad tales.. of our first Sunday Service in Seattle.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New at this...

Hey friends...
       I just created this blog. I am new at this so bare with me and I am sure I will excite you in more ways than one.. well maybe. First of all, Seattle has been a magnificent dream. Oh dear.. I do love it. AND second of all, my punctuation with this blog will not be proper at all. So if it bugs.. I am sorry. I love to do [...] often, and this ellipsis {the proper name for [...] }will occur quite often, but the punctuation will most likely be used in all the wrong ways. Haha... Anyways hopefully I can entertain you with my witty comments and exciting life. :)

       So.. here's to the excitement. During our travels today.. this lovely rainy afternoon.. Cassie, my lovely room-mate and sleepover pal, and I were trying to find our new work... AKA the largest shopping mall in Washington state... (Don't worry about it.. ) And of course.. I, being the "starving" girl that I am, decided to not pay attention to the directions that I had in my lap to the mall and instead, started my grocery list for our after the mall shopping. Yes, I know. Dumb move. Soooo to make a long story short.. AFTER some conversation, witty sparks of embarrassment on my part and a little bit of aggravation... we traveled back and forth to the area of our house numerous times before we figured it out. And needless to say.. I lost my coveted and pride engaging nickname of "Built in GPS" (another story) and I felt a little bit like an idiot for not being a good travel compadre.. considering we are in a territory of the unknown... Nice work Kait. :)