Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baked Beans &&& Bus Rides...

     I know its been a good 4 or 5 days since my last post.. So I am hoping that this post will make you laugh...  :) haha.

     So I am writing for our adventures from this past Thursday and it was quite the adventure.. First we had interviews for our job and they went well. AND then we were just chilling around the mall being bored, when an epiphany of greatness came upon us.. DOWNTOWN SEATTLE!!! Of course... we had to follow our great epiphany and we headed to the bus station... and then it started to rain. So then all these people came and packed in this little covered bench area with us. We looked like a box of animal crackers because of all the different people that were in there... Haha. Speaking of animals... This man. Total creech, was hitting on us. Luckily, no words came from his lips... BUT his smile and head nods said it all. And just just just so you know... UGh... He was terribley disgusting. Not a good time for us... and we were relieved that he got another bus. After he left... our bus arrived, we got on and rode the long bus ride to the Westlake Station. Hooray!  We were finally here. Now... a little extra detail.. it was about 5 o'clock in the afternoon. We usually leave downtown at this time.. New adventure for us. Downtown in the evening..!!!

     As we were walking the streets, we decided to go look through all the little shops and just get more bearings and find new places of downtown that we have not discovered. It was a good time. Especially when we went in this one shop and the man that was trying to do some customer service on us was ridiculously high.. Haha. It was sooo funny. He was completely out of it.. and I loved it. So humorous. Welcome to Seattle. Hahaha. Well.. like most human beings.. when hunger strikes the body it is a gruesome feat to satisfy the growling monster that is inside you... unless you eat. :) Soo being hit by the hunger bug, we decide to take our bewildering circumstance to the Hard Rock Cafe in hopes of a successful cure to this so-called "hunger".... And boy, was it the cure... of course, when eating a meal.. something entertaining always seems to happen with us. Ha. So my long-time walking companion and bus riding bestie, Cassie, and I ordered our meal and then just basked in the glory of the Hard Rock Cafe with all of its Rock'N'Roll memorabilia. Then we finally got our food. Nice. And then as I was picking up one of those deliciously, salted and fried french fries... THERE IT WAS.. across the table from my plate, the small navy blue bowl.. Looking like a dipping sauce cup. Before placing the fry into my mouth, I went in for the dip of this magnificent sauce.. Oohhh Man. When I took a bite of that saucey fry, my mouth had an explosion of deliciousness come upon it. It was then, when my brilliance truly shined, that I said, "Cassie, this sauce is freaking good.. load up your sandwhich with it!" Of course... trusting my excitement and my tastebuds.. Cassie began pouring the sauce onto her shredded chicken meal. It was then.. in shock and a bit of terror, when she yelped "Oh sh*t!!! This is beans... haha. Its beans.. " I look at her, then look at the lumps in the sauce.. and to my tizzy... she was right. This wonderful and addicting sauce happened to be a side of baked beans... I was disappointed, but laughed because only with us would this happen. :) After filling ourselves with the goodness of the Hard Rock we decided to head home.. we didn't know that we would LITERALLY be holding on for our lives when we got on the bus...

     It was an uncomfortable ride, as most bus rides are. However...  our bus driver must really hate people because he was trying to kill everyone that stepped foot onto his bus. Haha. People would get on and he would shut the door and blaze off going so fast that people are flying down the aisle and holding on for dear life... We were sitting and we were being tossed and turned and thrown all around on this bus.Not to mention he was a greedy sucker.. As soon as a person entered the perilous journey the voice of an angered man would yell, "MONEY!!! MONEY... Put the MONEY in!!!"  Plus... while were flying around the bus from hell... it was silent.. ALL but one person was quiet.. And trust me. It was not a good thing. The piercing sound of her voice, made fingernails on chalkboard a melody... "No grandma loves you more.." "Grandma loves you more... " for like 20 minutes this was going on... We get it... YOU LOVE YOUR GRANDKID MORE!!!!!! Oiii Vey... I looked around to see who was screaching such words... AND Ahhh!!!! I looked upon this woman.. covered heavily in make-up, trying to look like she was 20... I almost cried.. to think that she had produced offspring was a nightmare!!! Ah! I am not trying to be mean.. but UGhhh... it was terrifying. Awful... Oh and don't worry about it.. she rode the bus all the way to our stop with us. Awful. Awful. Awful. I must say.. I am labeling this as the WORST bus ride ever.. and must name it "The Bus-ride From Hell.." ... I am glad we made it home alive. Haha. Yikes.

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