Friday, December 2, 2011

Life Lately... Fall 2011

Hi All,

It has been quite sometime since I have last posted and so I decided that I should probably update you on whats happening... So much has gone on. :)

Alright here it is, besides the drama with men... other exciting things have happened. Haha. First, I am not sure if I have told you this, but I went to my first professional baseball game! It was, of course, the Mariners.. and they were playing the Texas Rangers. It was a pretty good time and really exciting to see all of the big stadium.

I also got to go home to Colorado and St. George for a whole week! Haha. It was a long time coming and it didn't help that I pushed for time and missed my flight so I had to wait a whole extra day before I left, BUT I loved every minute I was there. I was so glad to run around the farm and get dirty and wear my cowgirl boots!!! It was so wonderful to see my family and friends and it just shows me how much love and support I have in  my life! I loved running around at the Corn Maze!!! I was so excited to see my grandparents and to be able to spend some time with them as well. I had a very hard time leaving and cried when I had to say goodbye, but I am so happy that I got the chance to see them and spend some time with them.

As soon as I got home, that is when the real excitement happened. That first week of me being home was quite the week,I slept over at Christinas house, which was amazing!!! Later, I got in a car wreck. Of course, no suprise to those who know me, it was partially my fault. Nice. Way to go Kaitlin... Haha. So then I had to call Cassie and ask her if I could drive her NEW car because I had just wrecked mine.. Haha. Gives her confidence huh? Luckily, nobody was hurt in the car wreck. Well, except my car. RIP MARY POPPINS! (I'll love you forever!) --- This same week I was blessed with good company.. I had been feeling pretty down, and I know that this was one of Heavenly Fathers blessings, because He sent me some great friends. First, the Elders in our ward came over and visited me. They were so nice and invited me to Gospel Study and told me that its a good place to come and learn more about the gospel. Then, I had Krista from our ward come over a few days after that, and she invited me to eat Sunday dinner with her and her room-mate Lindsey. I had a blast and the food was so good. I am now good friends with those two girls and the friendships keep growing!!! After that week, I decided that going to more church activities would help me in the friend zone because I still didn't have too many friends. I went to this service project, outside, in the rain, and I loved every minute of it. I got to meet and get to know so many more people in our ward and now I feel like people know who I am and that I am apart of the ward. FINALLY! I am so glad that I decided to choose the right, because things have been going good ever since! I have good friends and life hasn't been so draining.. haaha. Granted, not everything is wonderful and happy and joyous, but I am learning to be patient, think positive and always look on the bright side. :)

 The Holidays...
For Halloween, Cassie and I went to the roller rink with the YSA wards and we had a blast. I got tackled and totally taken out by BATWOMAN. Haha. SHE was a killer! She ruled the rink.. She was like an ultra crazy roller derby girl.... so intense! ANd then... Cassie had this guy hitting on her. Haha. He was pretty cool though.. I mean, besides the fact that he wouldn't leave her side. Hahaha.

Thanksgiving was pretty cool.. it didn't feel too much like Thanksgiving because of the lack of family, but we went to the Utterbacks (one of the bishopric members houses) and let me tell you something! They are fun!!! Brother Utterback happens to be my all time favorite now. Haha. He is great. SOOOO hilarious.. ha. Best. Ever. THEN we had to work Black Friday.. which actually wasn't too bad. I was exhausted after that weekend though, and I thought Cassie might die.. Haha. I feel like we are still trying to get back to our regular energy levels.. :)

Now, the current excitement, was when we attended a concert  on Wednesday that Cassie won FREE tickets to! It was pretty fun.. I feel like the excitment was more about the atmosphere than anything. We were in downtown Seattle at this old little Concert house and it was so cool. Wood floors, old chandaliers and velvet everything. Haha. I loved it. The music was okay and the crowd wasn't obnoxious, so it made for a good time. Unfortunately for me, my camera battery was dead. Sad. Sad Days.

And... speaking of camera's and pictures... I totally suck at life. Hahaha. I missed all the glorious opportune moments to take pictures of Seattle in the Fall. The leaves changed, and they were here, and then after Thanksgiving.. they were gone. They had all fallen to the ground. Done. BUT hopefully I will try and get some winter picts with all of the fog and the castover clouds. Mmmhmm. Nice. Winter. ... haha.

ONE MORE THING.. I would just like to give a shout out to all of those friends of mine who have been so nice to take me places and invite me to things and to make sure I am still okay. It means a lot. And a special thanks to Travis Merril who is my personal cab driver. Haha. :) And Cassie Emett who has patience with me and the current car-less predicament. Love you ALL.