Monday, June 20, 2011

"Kendra Is Our Friend!!!"

     Soooo...... This is a story from a few days ago. Saturday to be exact... BUT due to the popularity of our quote "Kendra is our friend!", I have decided that this post will be dedicated to Kendra. Kendra is our friend from Sears. :) Here's the story.......

     Though we love our apartment, certain amenities, such as say BEDS, are missing..... and would make us love our apartment even more if we had them. After about a good 3 or 4 days of sleeping on the floor with air-mattresses and cushions we decided to take our first "self-driving" escapade to the Mall to find some good, comfortable beds. From previous midnight searches on our favorite search engine GOOGLE, we had interest and great confidence in Sears and their decent and reasonably priced mattress selection. So we headed straight to Sears, as soon as we were parked, in search of these magnificent mattresses!!! .... And after laying around on some mattresses... we decided to waste a good 30 minutes listening to a worthless presentation about knifes with the hopes of getting something free.. didn't happen. After a grueling amount of boredom, we turned and headed back to the mattresses. We were extremely tired after the obnoxious knife presentation and found ourselves laying on a very, very, very comfortable Sealy mattress.. (Did you know that they support whatever you do in bed... Classy logo Eh?!) Anyways.. after some time, a gal with glasses and long dark hair approached us in a Sears blue shirt and a nice pair of khaki's. YES! A Sears rep!!! We decided to get the mattress of our dreams and she of course helped us reach such a success!!! However, the process was a long and irritating one because we were trying to be big girls and get a Sears Card. Didn't work out. BUT KENDRA was phenomenal at customer service! She was very personable and stayed long after her shift to make sure she did everything she could to make us satisfied.. She was immensely friendly and did an awfully good job at making us feel like we were top priority!!! NOW... to get to the point of it all...... Once we were done, our bodies were tired and we were somewhat disoriented and so we went to Ben & Jerry's to pick up some ice cream. A good suitor for our troubling times. Hahahaha. While on this great adventure of hunger and sweet-tooth satisfaction we came to the conclusion that we should call her manager and let the manager know that Kendra was an exceptional associate. I made the call.... and to my surprise and sadly... to my dismay.. this manager turned out to be a wicked wrench, full of lies and deceit and was not happy at all with our call about Kendra!!! SO... after hanging up, I told my ice cream enthusiast and loyal mattress comrade Cassie about the absurdness of this head managers rude and vile behavior... Cassie, was in shock at my talk and we began saying... WELL lets just say... NOT nice things about this manager... It was then.. In my moment of passionate anger that I, Kaitlin, said... "Kendra is our friend!!!" in a small and almost childlike voice... Bahahaha. And then laughter from the both of us arose and the quote is now said quite often in remembrance of our lady-loving and rainbow child friend from Sears. Kendra Perkins.

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