Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lemonade And White Chocolate...

     Alright kids.. New blog for some sweet and cheap entertainment... This one should be good. Two stories within a good idk.. about 12 hours of each other. (Give or take a couple hours...)


     Due to the lack of money around here, Cassie and I hadn't really been out for much of anything lately, but then last night Cassie decided to make us get out of our cave and reclusiveness and go to a movie. She had to beg me to go.. only because she was going terribly insane and I was being so ultra lazy, you could say I was being a sloth. So we get ready... it takes us a good 2 hours. Then we are on our way to the mall for a movie. We, of course, are late. So we decide to wait another hour or so for the next showing of Bad Teacher. (good movie..) We head down to the food court, grab us a bite of Thai food and then shop around until its time for the movie. We go back up and buy some drinks. Cassie gets lemonade and I got a water. We head into the movie watch a good hour of previews.. hahha. And then it begins... It was pretty hilarious but is probably not the best movie to watch. It could be offensive to many people.. haahaha.

     While watching the laughter provoking and slightly offensive film, my oh so thirsty and terribly impatient pal, Cassie, goes in for the dive of her Minute-maid Lemonade. It was in a bottle, screw cap lid. A familiar style of beverage storage.... Now, I was there sitting next to her, being a kind and attentive accomplice at the movie. She goes for the bottle in the cup holder, and with some negligence, she unscrews the cap and takes it off before getting the bottle out of the cup holder.. THEN in that brief moment of unsureness.. She grabs the bottle.. BUT to her sad and tragic dismay, the bottle didn't leave the cup holder. So... being an intelligent woman, she yanks on the bottle. It was only then, when my left leg felt a brisk chilling wetness strike it. Lemon scent... She had spilled the sticky serum of deliciousness all over my newly laundered denim jeans. It was a shocking and unfortunate event. We, of course, were overwhelmed with laughter and merriment at such an occurrence. And, to give some added affect, Have you ever seen the scene in the movie when someone is just innocently sitting there and then another person spills something either hot or cold on his/her lap?... And then the person jumps up out of their seat and looks at their trousers in total horror?! ..... yaaaaa. That happened to me. Exactly like the movies... it was terribly cold. And slightly sticky. Oh, and not to mention, we were only about half-way through the movie. So that was nice... Hahaha. We laughed continuously throughout the movie and long into the night... It was actually really funny. I was soaking wet, looked like I peed, the seat was wet and the lemonade bottle was lacking much of its lemonade.. haha. Cassie claims that the lack of more than half of her lemonade was the real tragedy.. however, I seem to have a good argument.

White Chocolate

     Let me set the scene for this one... Safeway, 4:00 pm. Prime shopping time for many people on a Saturday. Even the creepers.... So I am on my merry little way. Shopping for some extra food items that I wanted. My cart was pleasingly getting close to full. I just wanted 2 more things. Tortilla chips and some ranch dressing mix. :) haha. I head down the chip and candy aisle looking for some good ol' Tostitos tortilla chips. While standing there, deciding whether to go with the scoops or the restaurant style chips, 3 men start coming down the aisle looking for candy. Now, I am not a racist person by any means, BUT to get the full affect of the situation that was about to occur, they were black men. One of them was an older guy around his late 40's early 50's, and then the other two seemed young like 25 to 30 ish. While grabbing my glorious decision of the scoop style chips, they began to start saying, "Look for the white chocolate.. that's what we need. Some white chocolate..". I am not a dumb girl, though some may want to argue that... And so I knew exactly what they were trying to do. What I didn't know was that they would approach me on my way out of the aisle and ask me to help them. I am a nice gal, and I knew I could handle the situation in a classy and friendly style. Needless to say, the muttering about for the white chocolate turned into this comment. "You know girl, white chocolate like you...." Hahahaha. I laughed at the comment and then they began to ask if we were going out on a date this weekend and all this foolish nonsense so then I began to get a little scared because they were right up in my face.. Haha. That was when I told them I had plans. They asked if the plans were with a boy, I said yes and then they asked if he was "darker" than them. I said no, and then they were all in a tizzy about it. I began to walk away when the old creepy one with the gold teeth said.. "The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice... " ... Ugh. Ew. Gross.. Hahaha. I left really fast after that comment. BUT they were funny and quite nice, until the end where it began to get inappropriate. Hahaha. Getting hit on at the Safeway.... Nice. Oh and... one of them was totally creeching up on me.. he had been somewhat stalking me the whole time. I suppose now looking back at it, it could've been a bad and harassing experience.. BUT I was having too much fun talking to them that I hadn't even realized that it could've been an awkward and scary situation.