Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rainbow Is Not My Color... Nor Do I Support Such a Color...

***This blog post is not going to be the usual "HaHaHa" post. I simply just want to voice my opinion about the days activity today... Reader discretion is advised, however it won't be too vulgar. Just some things may not be pleasing to read. Haha.

      This morning I woke up excited to go to downtown to view and visit the Pride Parade. I can't decide if it was a good or bad decision. I mean now that I have experienced the scenery and the gay community it has made me form an opinion, however, I was tremendously disturbed at the vulgarity of it all. Completely changed my views on the gay population and I have lost nearly all of my respect for the gay people. I used to be very open to it. I thought that if thats what made them happy then who was I to tell them they couldn't be who they wanted to be.. I thought that if thats how they were then more power to them for being true to themselves. And I was totally okay with it, but that was before I saw how they act and how they have no actual respect for themselves.

     We got up, got ready, did the usual and then arrived to downtown around 12:30 pm. the parade had started at 11 and we figured that we'd either missed it or would catch the tail end of it. Were we wrong.. We must've hit the prime time of the parade... And at first, the people, the floats and the advertisers were not too bad. I mean, keep in mind that it was gay support but it was nothing that was deeply disturbing or even that vulgar... actually I dont think that our first 15-30 minutes of the parade was bad at all. It was completely what I had expected and I was totally into it. I was cheering and loving the parade.. just like I would any other parade. I thought that it was awesome that they were proud of themselves and that they were being who they truly were. I was wrong. Maybe those first few people during our 15-30 minutes were the classy and "normal" gays.. (for a lack of a better word). And then we got hungry so we went up to the food court and I was loving it. I thought it was totally awesome at how much support there was for the gays. Some people were dressed a bit scandalous and there was a lot of rainbows, but nothing that I wasn't somewhat prepared for and kind of expected. It was nice.

     After eating, we watched from the mall balcony for a while until I mentioned that we should go down and walk up the street and watch more of the parade. Two words.... Bad idea. We went traveling onward and to our dismay, the whole atmosphere of the free living, one love, accept us for who we are had completely changed.... It was awful. Vulgar, cheap and gross. I was repulsed by it. There were women who were quite "large" with nothing but cut-offs on and then they didn't wear a top.. just pasties. One girl looked like she was about 16 or 17 and she was, well, fat and blubbery...  she only had cut-offs on, with suspenders and then she had pasties on her boobs. Then her whole body was painted in rainbows and words and all of this "gay" stuff.. and she was dancing in the street showing her body off and being grutesquely freakish. It was absolutely horrid and I felt embarrased for her.. And I was embarrassed myself for the nasty and gross things that I was seeing.. Ugh. Awful. Worst. Ewww... Anyways.. That was just the beginning of our loss of respect for the gay population. They were indecent and lude. I'll spare you details, but because they were flaunting themselves in such an indecent and freakish way, I lost so much respect for them and I was terribley and deeply disturbed. I feel that this parade does nothing but degrade them and makes it worse for people to accept them as human beings... as "One Love".

    Now that you have heard my stories... Here is my opinion. I used to truly be open to gays... and some could say that I supported it. I often thought and said that if its what makes them happy and its what they want and who they are then hey... why not. They let me be me.. who am I to judge and tell them that they can't be who they are... BUT NOW.. I refuse to support gays and lesbians as equals when they dont act as equals.. When they chose to act as freaks and be lude and disgusting, I will choose to treat them as freaks that are, indeed, lude and disgusting. IF they want to be treated as equals and be loved and have this "One Love" theme stand for them... then they need to stand for themselves. Having class is not a bad thing and having confidence is not a bad thing. BUT when you act as a freak and act as though you can do whatever you want and be a nasty sex symbol of all that is NATURALLY wrong then my hell, I am going to treat you as such. When you decide to get a job, act classy and act as though you were a normal human being with regular responsibilites and feelings (besides of course being "gay") then I will treat you like a normal human being and I will support you in getting your rights. Until then, straighten up gays and lesbians.. FOR I refuse to support you and let you "be who you are" when who you are being is indecent, distasteful, vulgar, nasty, and completely repulsive.

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