Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not so "Fast and Furious"...

Alright kids, its been a good long while since I have posted but I think that this will be a good one. :)

Last night Cassie and I were invited to go to the movies with the Travster and Andrew. We of course said yes, because first of all we needed to get out and second they were paying. :) YESSSS! Haha. We were on our way to the movies to meet up with our strapping young gent pals when I took a wrong turn. And was it a crazy drive from there... We start going down this hill and I say, "Is this the right turn?!" and Cassie says, "I don't know.. I can't remember.". Oh and mind you.. we had only been to this movie theatre once before, at least two weeks earlier. Haha.. BUT I am a pretty logical gal and my common sense is average so I figured since we had to eventually go down a hill anyways we'd just keep going down this one until we found a stoplight. Well.. that was an interesting idea my common sense threw upon me. We get going and then all of a sudden we are driving down this steep, steep, steep hill with the tightest turns ever. I mean these turns were tighter than John Travolta's pants in the 70's. They were tight and sharp and steep. Hahaha. AND of course it had to be dark, which doesn't help the almost, nearly legally blind. Luckily, I had my "night goggles"on.. AKA my glasses... so the turns weren't too bad but it was still an adventure. We finally made it down and through this trecherous journey of sharp turns and turmoil and with my built in GPS we found our way around to the theatre... Haha. Once we made it we headed into the movie. FAST FIVE!!! It was ultra legit and I highly recommend it to anyone who was wanting to see it... :)

Once the awesome and action packed movie was over we ventured out to our cars. HA. Greatest thing of my life.. haha. Jk. So we arrive to the parking lot and guess the freak what?!?!?! FLAT TIRE on my car.. woop-woop!!! Yeeehhhhhhhssssss... Haha. Just when I was planning to go all fast and furious on the way home, I have a flat. :) BUT luckily, Travis noticed it before we went on the road and since he is such a nice gent he volunteered to change it for me. We get out all the supplies and get going on it and then we can't get the stupid bolts out... I mean these things were ultra stuck.. LIKE out of control. Haha. So then we call Andrew's dad because apparently he is the man.. Which.. I will admit, right now he is the man. He saved my car. Haha. But he came at 12:30 AM and changes my tire to my spare and then he takes my flat, inspects it and tells me I drove over a nail. ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH... I think I know where I hit that beastly nail.. On the John Travolta turns... Ha. So then he is like.. Well I will fix it and then tomorrow come over to our place instead of getting a new tire, and we'll put this one back on your car. AAwww. Such a gent. All three of those guys. :) Sad thing is.. I never got to speed home like Paul Walker. MOstly because once you have a doughnut spare on your car you don't feel as BAD AAA and I was tired. Hahaha. BUT in the end I realized that I am so blessed to have such good friends and good people in my life. Thanks GENTS!

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